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Awesome Building Solutions
General Building & Painting Contractor
License #: B-1 C-33 997896
Tel: 650-465-0399

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Brand New, Redwood City house, built by Awesome Building Solutions



1. Work Hours: Work hours are from 8:00 a.m. –5:00 p.m. with 30 minutes for lunch and two 15 minute breaks per day as required by law. Many times an employee will be picking up materials in the morning and will arrive later than 8:00 a. m.
Saturday work may be arranged at your convenience.

2. Bathroom: If an existing bathroom is not available, we will be happy to provide a portable toilet, which will be charged to the job.

3. Clean-up: We will leave our work areas broom clean very night.
Please designate an area for trash pile, which we will keep as neat as possible.
We attempt to remove the trash pile when it’s practical during the course of construction.

4. Protection: Upon our arrival, we will cover and protect your possessions near and in our work area. We strongly advise that you remove valuable items and mementos from the area and off the walls, and place them in an area designated as “off-limits”. This will help us ensure that construction dust and vibrations on adjacent walls don’t harm your possessions.

5. Storage of Materials: We will need to designate areas outdoors for delivery and storage of materials, and an area inside for smaller or more valuable items. Please select an area for these materials that will least interrupt your daily routine. Remember that the outside storage area and the clean-up pile will probably cause damage to your lawn.

6. Special features: It will be important for you to point out to us unique features about your home, e.g., fuse box location, water shut-offs, special equipment, special plants in your yard, pets and their habits, neighbors, etc.

7. Workmanship: In many instances it’s prohibitively expensive to remodel to perfection. We will identify areas for you that we feel may be less than perfect due to existing conditions and decide together how best to handle each situation.

8. Wood: Wood, a natural product, will expend and contract over time and will take finishes differently. Therefore, you can expect minor cracks and imperfections and different shades and grain patterns.

9. Changes in the Work: Changes do occur during the construction process. Unforeseen circumstances can and do occur. These will be discussed with you, estimated and described on a customer request form for your approval.
You may also wish to make changes as the work progresses. Please describe the changes on a customer request form and deliver the form to the person in charge. Our staff will be able to accurately estimate the cost of any changes and get back to you for approval.
The customer request form is a valuable tool designed to help you and Awesome Building Solutions keep the budget and schedule accurate and up-to-date. We are happy to address any change you request, but please remember changes do affect the budget and the schedule.

10. Inconvenience: Finally, the remodeling process will cause you inconvenience and mental stress. Your day-to-day routine will change, some areas of your home will be in disarray and it will seem that you have dust and debris everywhere. Our goal is to minimize this stress and interruption and make the remodeling process fun, exciting and rewarding for you and your family.